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A selection of Mathew's most recent work, including; personal projects, books, portraiture, dance photography and film.


Current Work

Israel, 2018.

A book compiling analogue photography and poetry. The imagery within 'Malnourished by Overindulgence' explores the juxtaposition between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and the constraints of ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Words accompany the body of photographs. They are a fragment of my perceptions, notions and desires during and after my visit to Israel.

France, 2018.

A photo series researching and capturing the physicality of ‘non-dancers’ in motion. A ‘non-dancer’ often doesn’t display preconceptions of how they should move and so it can be captivating to observe a subject moving in the most honest, reactive way in that specific moment in space and time. The photo series researches a subject creating unexplored, unrefined movement in unexplored, undefined spaces. 

A String Telephone, 2019.

A short contemporary dance film featured on WÜL Magazine. 'A String Telephone' is an exploration into the value of aural communication through a childhood game comprising two cups attached by a piece of string.

Recent, 2018 - 2019.

A selection of portraiture and movement photographs taken this year.


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