"A String Telephone is a short film by videographer, photographer and dancer Mathew Prichard. This is a collaborative work of three dancers and artists Mathew Prichard, Tim Volleman, and Edward Myhill. The film is a contemporary dance inspired by Mathew’s experiences and perception of the surrounding world. In an inspirational dance, the idea of communication is deconstructed and gathered back to form a different approach." 

WÜL Magazine

An exploration into the value of aural communication through a childhood game comprising two cups attached by a piece of string. ‘A String Telephone’ represents the fragility and sensitivity that the transference of sound between human beings has.

Aware about loss of sense and its consequences, we become more thoughtful of our communicative ability. Our enhanced, functioning senses have increased dependence. The significance and the power of sight and touch are highlighted. The apprehension and desire to seek closeness and physical assurance, pull from one another. The delicacy of new forms of communication creates a tentative but fervent relationship between two people.

“When I was younger my parents saw I gained joy from dancing as a profoundly deaf child. I couldn’t hear the music as the others around me could, but I could feel its rhythms as vibrations passed through my body. I moved with them. This is why I dance.”

Mathew Prichard

In this film, two people develop a unique method of communicating. Investigating the effectiveness of touch and visual interaction. Through sight they are attentive to one another’s bodies, both spatially and positionally. Utilising the cups, they have restricted vocal contact with each other. They must not only hear each other, but actively listen and understand in order to work together.


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